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  • DAREKUMA ダレクマ

    Just another adorable bear in the sticker world who loves parties and cakes. Darekuma loves to follow trends and sometimes struggles with identity crisis. DA-RE means who in Japanese and KU-MA means bear!

  • Space Nyan スペースニャン

    A cat who wears her helmet daily to escape to space whenever she wants too. She hates noises and prefers to be alone except when with Darekuma and Tadashiba.

  • Tadashiba タダシバ

    A shiba inu who is serious in everything he does. His name is a combination of 正しい (righteous) and 柴 (shiba) in Japanese. He has a high moral compass and often shake head at Darekuma & Space Nyan's behaviour. (He still loves them tho!)